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Postdoctoral positions (2-3)

    1、Specialty or research area:  natural gas hydrate, frozen soil, geotechnical engineering

    2、job requirements:

          (1) Have obtained or about to obtain a Ph.D. degree, aged under 35

          (2) Excellent capability of analysis, communication and writing

          (3) Finish other jobs assigned by PI

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★ Research assistants(1-3)

     1、Specialty or research area:

          (1) Natural gas hydrate:natural gas hydrate, soil mechanics, seepage and experiments

          (2) Permafrost and non-saturated soil:geophysics, soil mechanics, seepage and experiments

          (3) CT in situ test:Micro-CT, in situ test, related image processing

     2、job requirements:

          (1) Have (or about to have) Bachelor or Master’s degree

          (2) Strong interest in scientific research, proactive and responsible

          (3) Excellent learning, practical, understanding ability and innovative spirit

          (4) Have good English reading ability, can read English literature skillfully

          (5) Good communication and teamwork skills

          (6) Finish other jobs assigned by PI

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Ph.D. students

Preferred background:geotechnical engineering, geophysics, petroleum engineering,

                                       engineering thermo-physics

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    ★ August 5th, 2022

       A visit from Prof. Zhu Bing and his students from Zhejiang university




                                                                   (Prof. Zhu Bing, the first from right)